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„The trail contained everything from narrow “singles” to crossing the creeks to fast sections on the wide roads including views towards the Transmountain region.“
„Excellent food and atmosphere after the race, see you the next year.“
„Thank you for a perfect event and we’re glad that money will get where it is needed.“
"Excellent organization, perfect atmosphere, Thank You Michal Salva&team."
„The first year of Cross Lozorno was a perfectly prepared race for every fan of running.“
„Beautiful surroundings of the start and finish in the village of Abeland.“
„Fantastically! Action photos.“
„Demanding uphills, beautiful country and forest, great aid stations.“
„It was great except for the heat.“
„We have to praise marking of the trails, really excellent.“
„Beautiful photos from the race, gorgeous running snaps.“

Do you need a coach?

When starting our running, everyone has his/her own reason, whether we want to prepare for a race, improve our shape, technique, reduce our weight or simply feel better and do something for ourselves. Do you want to start or to improve yourself? Push forward your speed “PB”, make your desired distance, get stronger, more disciplined, and persistent? Structured individual running plan.
I want to know more!
Michal helped us a lot with the preparation of our daughter for admission exams to a sports school when he prepared a running training plan for her and supervised her correct preparation. She was admitted also thanks to him.
I appreciate my coach’s approach very much, it’s perfect that I have a similar training plan and my coach is watching everything; my runs in his company are also perfect since I can find out whether I do everything properly and improve my technique; I hope that, in the next season, it will push mi to the next level.

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