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CLZK 26,3 km

Cross Lozorno zapadnutý kút (Remote corner)

Obrys trate CLZK

CLS 17,3 km

Cross Lozorno

Obrys trate CLS

CLČD 11 km

Cross Lozorno červený domček
(Red House)

Obrys trate CLCD

CLDD 6,2 km

Cross Lozorno
dračí dub
(Dragon's Oak)

Obrys trate CLDD

HOBBY 4,8 km

Cross Lozorno

CLŠ 3 x 4,8 km

Cross Lozorno
(Relay Race)


Cross Lozorno
detské behy

“Is Helping Others for Free”

The reward can include good feeling, togetherness, inner satisfaction, pleasure, happiness… each volunteer has his/her own reason.

You can also become a part of the Cross Lozorno race and help us with the organization, trail marking, refreshment – hand a glass of water and save life, at the registration, or kid runs… We’ve got a job to do for everybody.

As a reward for your help, you can get the starting fee for 2025 with the discount of 50% for you or your friend, a Cross Lozorno T-shirt, and meals and drinks during the whole event.

I want to join the team

General information

Basic information

The race is aimed at involving inhabitants of Lozorno and adjacent villages in doing sports in the nature. The dam is a landmark of the municipality of Lozorno in the beautiful surroundings of the Little Carpathians and the race will thus take place around the dam in the adjacent forests starting and ending in the beautiful environment of Abeland – a farm village.

Every finisher receives a commemorative medal. The medals were designed in an eco-friendly manner, so they are unique, handmade of materials that would otherwise be deposited in a dump.

Each race will have its own trophies and medals designed in cooperation with the sheltered workshop Dom Svitania (House of Dawn) in Jakubov. Every medal is made of unused materials that would otherwise be deposited in a dump.

The trophies are of special importance for us. Each race will be characterized by a trophy: Skala (Rock), Červený domček (Red House), Priehrada (Dam), Zapadnutý kút (Remote Corner), and Dračí dub (Dragon’s Oak). We would like thus to point out the nature we live in. The sheltered workshop was engaged because, in our opinion, the money earned for their production is of special importance for them and will be used in a proper manner.

Kids are important for us; along with edible medals, they will also receive special packages and sport books for their next activities.

The race is not just about racing, performance, and rivalry; it is also about spending time with families in the nature. The time spent in the nature helps us both from the mental and physical points of view, but, at the same time, makes us think about how we act towards the nature, our neighbourhood, and our planet. We are creating a friendly community of runners who train together and help each other when conducting various projects in the field of nature protection and helping others.

Do you like our approach? Do you have a good idea? Would you like to help us, or do you know somebody who would like to?
Let us know about you – contact form


On-line registration at The registration will be over on 17 May 2024 at 23:59 or at the moment of reaching the maximum limit of participants (300). If the limit of participants is not reached, you can register even after this date on-site on the date of the race. Once your registration is completed and your starting fee is paid, you can find your name in the list of registered runners immediately and you will be sent a confirmation e-mail.

A runner is not registered unless he/she pays the starting fee.

Payment of starting fee

The starting fee can be paid via a card or via a bank transfer.

Time measuring and results

The electronic time measuring will be provided by SunBell s.r.o. – The results will be published continuously at

Starting number

Every runner shall have his/her starting number attached to his/her chest so as to be visible and uncovered, otherwise your time might not be recorded. Your starting number is a property of the organizer. Starting numbers may not be transferred onto another person without the consent of the organizer. If a runner starts the race with a starting number assigned in the start list to another runner, the former will be disqualified.

If you put your stuff in the storage, you can take or leave it upon your starting number.

Trail marking

All trails are duly marked with colour flags and ribbons. Ribbons in the form of tapes can be found on the trees and branches, flags are stuck in the ground and in fallen trees, yellow arrows show the way, and the paths to be avoided which could make runners confused are blocked with white-red tapes. Curves are marked with at least three flags indicating the run direction. There are also volunteers along the trail showing runners the right way. However, most of the trails run along the marked hiking trails.


To classify a runner into the age category, his/her age reached in this year is decisive regardless of the day and month of birth.

(That means, if there is, e.g., an M40 category, “men older than 40” is not enough for the description; you have to specify the exact range of years of births since if a runner reaches the age of 40 in July and the race is in May, he might wrongly understand that he belonged to the category of men under 40 but it is not true whereas the sentence above applies.)

Limit of participants

It is set for CLZK 26.3 km, CLCD 10 km, CLS 17.7 km & CLR 3×4.8 km, CLP 4.8, CLDD 6,2 km, 300 participants altogether.

SOS line

If there is a health issue on the trail or if you need help, call the phone No. to be found on the back side of your starting number or +421 905 560 269.

Back side of the starting number

Fill in your health details on the back side of your starting number. The organizer won’t use them for other reasons than for providing healthcare by ambulance and rescue services in the event of health complications of a runner. Fill in the data required, your current health issues, illnesses, allergies, contact persons, or other relevant information that could help us if you are provided healthcare during or after the run.

On the back side, you can also find a phone No. of the rescue service during the event.

Transfer of the starting number onto another person and changes to the registration form

Paid starting fees shall not be returned. If you get injured or if there is another event which would prevent you from taking part on the race, contact the organizer:

Once picked up, you are not allowed to transfer the starting number or racing event onto another runner or postpone it to another date.

Force Majeure

The organizer reserves the right to revise and detail some data specified herein or in the organizational instructions upon the circumstances. Furthermore, the organizer reserves the right to cancel or interrupt the event or a part thereof if there is a serious risk of war, unfavourable weather conditions, terrorism or other attack endangering participants of the event, or other unforeseeable vis major situations and circumstances.

If this is the case, participants will not be entitled to any refund of the starting fee or its part since the costs for preparation of the event have already occurred to the organizer at the time before the moment of the interruption/cancellation. After taking all circumstances into account and calculating costs relating to the event preparation, the organizer can refund runners a part of their starting fees, indeed, or transfer it to another year.


Runners can arrive to the start at the dam via an intercity bus line. The exit stop is Karpatská, Lozorno. The walking distance from the bus stop to Abeland is 2.5 km.

Google navigation for cars: ABELAND.


The parking space for vehicles is on the right side behind the dam in a large, fenced grass area. Google navigation: PARKING

Use parking in the reserved area and take your time for arrival to the presentation point which is 1 km from the parking space.


You can put your stuff in the storage marked as “ÚSCHOVŇA” (STORAGE) at your registration. Mark your stuff with tapes containing your starting number. You will receive them in the storage. If you put your stuff in the storage, you can pick it up upon your starting number.


  • ECO Finisher Medal – medal made of used or discarded materials which would end on a dump
  • trophies and material prizes provided by sponsors