"Helping People
to Achieve Their Dreams"

Individual Running Training Plan

One on One Coaching

  • individual training plan tailored to your needs, abilities, and dreams
  • online call, first joint run, analyses of goals and preparation of a plan
  • compiling a structured plan, feedback from trainings regarding your improvements
  • the distance, terrain, and conditions plan to be followed which comply with your shape
  • change of our strategy if you face unpredictable obstacles
  • advice and tools for building a shape required for reaching as good performance as possible
  • specialized joint running trainings focused on our technique, strength, endurance, and mind
  • training in your home environment, where you live, no matter where you are from
  • once a week online calls about the training, nutrition, strategy, gear, and mental strength
  • self-confident preparation for a race – physical, psychical, nutritional, and gear stuff
  • “quick” SMS, e-mail, WhatsApp or call both during the training process and race
  • revealing your abilities and exceeding your limits, motivation, patience, and continuity
  • 30-day money back guarantee


Adjusted to your needs, abilities, shape, and dreams

Professional approach and communication

Empathic disciplined approach, weekly communication.

Right Race Day

Finish line and crossing the finish line whatever it is, no DNF mindset.

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A few words from satisfied runners:

The coach’s aim is not only to improve your running skills but also to take care of your overall comfort and health. One of the things that bowled me over the most was his ability to perceive and adapt to the needs of each runner. Michal is aware of the fact that each person is different with his/her own strength and weaknesses. Therefore, the trainings have always been adapted to the individual goals and abilities of a client. His positive and motivating approach encourages you to exceed your own limits. I wish you every success during your running adventures!
Michal helped us a lot with the preparation of our daughter for admission exams to a sports school when he prepared a running training plan for her and supervised her correct preparation. She was admitted also thanks to him.
I am very thankful for a recommendation on Coach Michal. If you start running, this is the way to go. An experienced trainer like Michal is very useful for beginners. It will help you set up your running technique, training plan and answer questions about frequency, speed and breathing. I saw the results right after a month after training. The support and encouragement I received from the coach always moved me forward. He is the right guy in the right place who loves to run.
One day I wrote a comment on FB that I would like to try a running training too, and it was sealed. Michal contacted me and we’d arranged a training right away. It was so quick that I even hadn’t a chance to change my mind and back off :). I appreciate Michal’s approach and enthusiasm for his job very much. Trainings are tailored to individual needs of each runner and the valuable advice is priceless. That’s the coach who cares about one’s well-being and achievement of the set goals. Michal is professional in all respects. I strongly recommend him also for his passion for running :)
I continue my preparation with Michal in the form of individual trainings and it’s been already clear that it was a perfect choice. Whether you’re a weekend runner or preparing for your first marathon or a demanding ultra run ... I recommend trying trainings under the Michal’s supervision ... it’s addictive.
Running was always fun for me. But then I felt that I wanted more and that I wanted to improve in what I was doing. Michal the coach helped me a lot, the training is tailored to my needs, I improved, and, most of all, it’s fun. I had some achievements even after the first month of training. Every week, I’m looking forward to my new schedule and new challenges. Moreover, if I’m not able to cope with something during the run, there’s always someone to advise me. For me 👍
I appreciate my coach’s approach very much, it’s perfect that I have a similar training plan and my coach is watching everything; my runs in his company are also perfect since I can find out whether I do everything properly and improve my technique; I hope that, in the next season, it will push mi to the next level.


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